About Me

A New Yorker by birth and a Londoner and Dubliner by upbringing, I am a political and corporate communications professional now living in Paris, after several years spent working in Brussels. I am a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, and also studied at Charles University in Prague. As well as my native English and near-native French, I speak a few other languages to varying degrees (I am reasonably proficient in Dutch; I speak some German, Czech, and Ukrainian; and I also have a basic understanding of Russian).

I’ve spent most of my career working on projects across four continents for politicians, governments, NGOs, think tanks, corporates, trade associations and industry bodies, doing everything from corporate PR through lobbying to election and advocacy campaigns. However, I’ve also worked as communications officer for a French government body on climate-smart agriculture, and on Capitol Hill for a democratic congressman.

Politically speaking, I’m a progressive and am a member of La République en Marche (Macron’s party), as well as the Irish Labour Party. I’m also a proud Democrat in the US, and have donated to, and voted for, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – however, I’ve also worked with moderate Republicans on issues from transatlantic cooperation and trade to fighting Russian disinformation.

My blog used to be quite active, but now is mainly a place where I post the very occasional musing or article I’ve written and had published elsewhere. It’s not to be taken too seriously, nor is much time or effort invested in it, alas, though I hope that there are one or two pieces that you might be interested in reading. Obviously, views are entirely my own and not my employer’s.

For more info on my professional background, please check out my LinkedIn.

You can also visit my Twitter feed for more of my thoughts on anything and everything.

— Evan O’Connell