About Me

A New Yorker by birth and a Londoner and Dubliner by upbringing, I am an EU affairs, public policy and communications professional now living in Paris. I am a graduate of Sciences Po Paris, and also studied at Charles University in Prague.

I work at Aspect Consulting as a Senior Political and Corporate Communications Consultant. I lead French public affairs and media, as well as transatlantic initiatives, for my firm, as well as handling EU public affairs and international corporate communications projects for our various clients. I am based in Paris but work extremely closely with the Brussels head office as well as consultants in the UK and Italy and our partners in the USA and elsewhere.

This follows spells as Communications and Lobbying Officer for AnaEE, a major European research infrastructure initiative on climate change and sustainability (based at INRA in Paris), and as a Brussels-based Public Relations and Public Affairs Consultant. I have also worked on Capitol Hill for a US Congressman and worked on a major FDI project in Botswana, among other experiences.

I’m passionate about politics and policy on both sides of the Atlantic, am a member of various member parties of the Party of European Socialists (the French Socialist Party and the British and Irish Labour Parties, specifically), and still believe that it’s not too late to make the world a better place – though I’m just as fascinated with the worst of politics as I am with the best.

I’m also particularly interested in the past, present and future of Central and Eastern Europe. I am a member of a couple of NGOs in Paris – Russie-Libertés and Ukraine Action – and have been involved on and off in EuroMaidan France.

My blog used to be quite active, but now is mainly a place where I post the very occasional musing or article I’ve written and had published elsewhere. It’s not to be taken too seriously, nor is much time or effort invested in it, alas, though I hope that there are one or two pieces that you might be interested in reading.

For more info on my professional background, please check out my LinkedIn.

You can also visit my Twitter feed for more of my thoughts on anything and everything.

— Evan O’Connell