Germany is officially awesome

The Telegraph brings us the news of a BBC World Service poll that puts Germany at the top of everyone’s favourite country list:

Britain has been named as the second most popular nation in the world – being pipped to the top spot only by old rivals Germany… Canada was the third most popular of the countries polled, followed by Japan, France and Brazil. The US came seventh ahead of China, South Africa and India.

It’s not that much of a shock, when you consider that Germany not only has the most vibrant economy of any major developed nation in the world, but also has great beer (not as good as Belgium’s or the Czech Republic’s, though), beautiful women and the best cars. I’ll always be rooting for France and Belgium, personally, but everyone except me seems to think that French people are jerks (je vous assure que c’est pas vrai), and Belgium’s sort of a bizarre place that people don’t really get unless they’ve lived here for a while. Holland’s great fun, but the food is awful and the weather’s even worse. Scandinavia’s cold and expensive. Italy’s a mess (which is right up my alley, but isn’t to everyone’s taste). Britain’s a wonderful country in many ways, but it’s got a drinking culture that’s really kind of screwed up, and British people are ugly. Spain is sort of seen as a place you go on holiday, but not somewhere you’d want to live. I’d love to go to Japan and see what the place is all about, but no-one’s buying me plane tickets, as far as I can tell. Same for Brazil, though I think that people too often forget the negative aspect of the favelas and the enormous poverty in which so many people live. As for the US… I think I’ll remain neutral on this one. But let’s just say that as many people love the place as despise it.

With that in mind, Germany kind of makes sense. But what’s your favourite country in the world?


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