Back to Brussels…

I’ve already told one or two people about this, but I might as well make it official: my company has decided to transfer me to Brussels, and I accepted and will be leaving in a couple of weeks. I’ve loved my time in London, and I’ll be terribly sad to leave, but I’ll be just as happy to be going back to what is something of a spiritual homeland for me. I only spent a couple of years in Belgium – from 2003 to 2005, towards the end of my teenage years – but I’ve kept close ties to the place ever since. I still have many friends there. I still read the Belgian papers every day. The company that employs me (Aspect Consulting) is headquartered there, and I actually got my current job thanks to a 2008 internship at the Brussels office. I go back every couple of months – mainly for professional reasons these days, as my dad left a year or so ago to move down to Botswana – and so it won’t be a huge shock, but it will be nice to be back for longer than a day or two. Plus, Belgians are awesome.

This past year or so has been kind of an odd one, as most of you know. I started 2010 as a Parisian, in the final year of my Master’s degree programme at Sciences Po. I moved to Washington in February of that year for a six-month internship with Congressman Sestak, who sadly is no longer a member of Congress, but whom I hope to see returning to the political arena soon enough. I then relocated again, to London, in August of 2010. And, just over twelve months after leaving Paris, I’m now on the move again, back to Brussels… it’s been an interesting time for me, but I’m hoping to stick around in Belgium long enough to take full advantage of the place.

I thought about ending this short and perhaps pointless post with Brel’s Le Plat Pays, but instead, I decided to pay homage to the city that I’ll soon be leaving, and to which I’ll no doubt return many times hence:


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