This couldn’t have happened a few months earlier?

A new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post:

Barack Obama has matched his highest job approval rating in more than a year in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, with his ratings for empathy likewise rebounding…

Fifty-four percent now approve of Obama’s job performance, up 5 points from last month and 8 points above his career low in September. And given overwhelming approval of his response to the Tucson attack, Americans by an 18-point margin, 58-40 percent, say Obama “understands the problems of people like you.” That’s up from a mere 2-point split, 50-48 percent, in September.

In another critical shift, albeit still with much room for improvement, 35 percent say Obama’s economic program is making the economy better, while 24 percent say he’s making it worse — the positive result up by 5 points since September, the negative down by 9. Strikingly, the view that Obama’s made the economy worse has eased most broadly in an unexpected quarter: down by 17 points among Republicans.

Full PDF with charts and stats here. While I’m happy that President Obama is finally getting some recognition for his fine presidentin’, it’s astonishing that it took a complete electoral melt-down from the democrats for people to finally wake up and realise that the current inhabitant of the White House is actually a fairly decent, moderate guy – far too moderate for the liking of many people in his own party! Anyway, we democrats can at least take solace in these poll numbers, even if Nancy Pelosi no longer presides over the House.


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