Lieberman to resign

According to Kevin Rennie, a Connecticut political pundit:

United States Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) is expected to announce Wednesday that he will not seek a 5th term in 2012, Daily Ructions has learned.  Lieberman has invited supporters to an event at the Marriott hotel in Stamford Wednesday afternoon for his announcement.

Lieberman rallied from a humiliating Democratic primary defeat in 2006 and won re-election as an independent that November in an epic contest with Greenwich millionaire Ned Lamont.  Lieberman enjoyed wide support among Republicans that year, though that’s diminished since he cast votes for President Barack Obama’s stimulus package and healthcare proposal.

I’ve sort of got mixed feelings about this one. Joe Lieberman is a pompous jerk who, after being primaried by Ned Lamont in 2006 for his support for the war, proceeded to do everything in his power to piss off his former political allies, even going so far as to support John McCain against Barack Obama in 2008. As recently as May 2010, he introduced the TEA Act, which would have automatically stripped Americans of their citizenship if they were charged with “a terrorist act.” Not convicted – charged. He nearly sunk healthcare reform by changing his mind multiple times on things like the Medicare buy-in. He spent great amounts of time and energy publicly lecturing Bill Clinton on “the moral consequences for our country” of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. I could go on.

At the same time, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell would never have been repealed without him – and that alone makes him, in the words of Andrew Sullivan, a civil rights hero.


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