Boldly going where many have gone before…

I’ve been meaning to do this for years, and have just never got around to it. I read a good thirty blogs on a daily basis, mostly about American politics, with some French, British, European and international politics thrown in… and, my guilty pleasure, the odd trashy celebrity blog like Go Fug Yourself. Basically, I’m somewhere between a political obsessive and a policy wonk, veering towards the former, despite my best efforts to spend more time reading about ideas than about politicians sniping at each other. This blog will reflect that – mostly American politics, with an occasional look at what’s happening on this side of the pond (on both sides of the Channel), some international affairs, and a healthy heaping of trivia, randomness, stupid links and nonsense. I have no idea if it’ll fizzle out after a couple of weeks, or if it’ll blossom into something great that I’ll become really passionate about and update twenty times per day. We’ll see. I’m hoping to have fun with it, though.

As a reward for reading that last paragraph of self-aggrandising nonsense, here’s something fun:

Serious stuff will come tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Boldly going where many have gone before…

  1. If your facebook status are anything to go by, you’ll have no trouble filling up this space… I’ve been waiting so long for this!!

  2. Did you HAVE to put that fug link?? I was coming for some insight and culture, and I got miserably stuck in the golden globes dresses.

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